Frequently Asked Questions

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How can Socialomate help me ?

Socialomate helps you to send direct messages (DM) to your followers very easily and without spending hours to send messages one by one.
Write down some messages and Socialomate will send your messages to all your new followers.

With Socialomate, you can setup

– an autoresponder on Twitter in order to welcome your new followers and start a conversation with them,
campaigns based on all your followers or a Twitter list.

Usually we do not know much more about our followers. We are quite sure that among your followers you can find new customers, new partners, new resellers, new beta testers….. new opportunities.

What is an autoresponder with follow up messages ?

Socialomate helps you to send a set of direct messages (DM) to your NEW followers according times and order.

Which persons will receive my messages of my autoresponder ?

All your new followers. Those who follows you after you write and setup your messages.

What is a Campaign ?

Socialomate helps you to send a set of direct messages (DM) to your ALL followers OR followers from one of your Twitter List according times and order.

Will Socialomate send messages publicly ( in my timeline ? )

No, Socialomate sends only Direct Message ( private message ). It will no appear in your timeline.

What is a Direct Message ?

A direct message is a private message between you and one of your followers.

How Direct Messages per day can I send ?

Due to twitter limitation, you can send up to 250 DM per day. In Socialomate, up to 200 DM per day can be sent in order to let you some DM to talk privately with your followers.

Does Socialomate insert ads, links or contents about Socialomate in the messages ?

Absolutely NOT. Socialomate sends ONLY what users want to send.

I setup a campaign on a list which contains 53 contacts and Socialomate sent 49 messages. Why ?

In your list, you can add contacts who are followings and/or followers. Socialomate has selected only your followers.

Can I send a direct message to a following ?

A Direct Message can only be sent to a follower ( Twitter limitation )

In my list, I can not get more than 500 contacts.

For now, Twitter has limited to 500 contacts per list. A contact can be a following, a follower or both.

Almost all the targeted followers received the DM except one or two, why ?

Because between the moment when the followers were selected and the moment when Socialomate tried to send the message, sometimes few followers had decided to unfollow you. As you know, Twitter limits you to only send messages to your followers.